Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

DIACAT is supported by a Scientific Advisory Board. This board shall ensure the highest standard of research and monitor the progress of the project by taking part in the annual meetings. Whenever appropriate, they will consult the consortium and make recommendations on how to best improve project performance.


The DIACAT SAB consists of 4 experts representing the key areas of the project: electrochemistry of nanocarbons, diamond related materials and diamond growth and applications.


  • Dr. Etienne Gheeraert, Institut Neel Grenoble, France
  • Dr. Katherine Holt, University College London, UK
  • Dr. Conrad Reynvaan, Schunk Kohlenstofftechnik GmbH, Germany
  • Prof. Martin Stutzmann, Technische Universität München, Germany


DIACAT Consortium

DIACAT consortium


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