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Prof. Anke Krueger

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Institute of Organic Chemistry

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UWUERZ is a full university with several departments of natural sciences, including chemistry, materials sciences and physics. Interdisciplinary research projects and specialized research networks are established in all of these departments. The Institute for Organic Chemistry is working in the entire field of synthetic organic chemistry with a specialty in organic and nanostructured materials.


A Krueger is currently involved in two FP7 projects on applications of nanodiamond materials in biolabeling, drug delivery and participates in several national research projects dealing with different applications of nanodiamond. A. Krueger has more than 10 years’ experience in diamond and carbon materials research. The group focuses on the development of new diamond nanomaterials for applications in biomedicine, composites, electronic applications) with covalent and noncovalent surface functionalization; colloid chemistry of diamond nanoparticles, properties of nanocrystalline diamond films and organic synthesis of model compounds for carbon materials including curved araomatic systems.


UWUERZ is the coordinator of DIACAT and will participate mainly in WP1 and WP2 to produce suitably functionalized nanodiamond and diamond materials. It will also investigate the influence of the surface functionalization on photo(electro)chemical properties and will work on the production of diamond materials with transition metal complexes and other catalytically active moieties such as nanoparticles.

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DIACAT consortium


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