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Dr. Thomas Schubert

Principal Investigator

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Iolitec Ionic Liquids Technologies GmbH

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Dr. Natalia Zabarska

Project Manager R&D

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Dr. Frank Stiemke

Project Leader



Dr. Boyan Iliev

Project Leader


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IoLiTec is an award-winning, dynamic, innovative and goal-oriented company whose activities go far beyond the production and sale of ionic liquids. In addition to a steadily growing standard product range of currently about 350 selected ionic liquids for various applications. IoLiTec has put a strong focus on R&D services and custom synthesis in the field of ionic liquids since its formation in 2003. With solid experience in project management and its young and skilled management team of currently 9 PhD-level chemists with different professional backgrounds IoLiTec is in the strong position to give scientifically sound answers and to deal with customer requests from many different sectors in a professional, efficient and goal-oriented way.


IoLiTec's own expertise is complemented by the company's close collaborations with various institutes of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (ISE, IFAM, IAO, IST, ICT, UMSICHT) and a number of leading research groups at universities in Germany and abroad. In addition to R&D services and custom syntheses, IoLiTec actively pursues its own internal R&D projects to identify new applications and open up new markets for ionic liquids and products derived there from. In order to protect its ideas and products IoLiTec has already filed five patent applications in different fields and holds the rights for the three registered trademarks IoLiLyte®, IoLiTherm® and IoLiTive®.


IOLITEC will be involved in the development of new ionic liquids and the synthesis of ionic liquids which will be used as solvents for the photocatalytic conversion of CO2. Therefore, IOLITEC will be a partner in WP 4 (photocatalytic activity) as well as in WP 5 (electrode optimization and reactor design).

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