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Dr. Tristan Petit


Principal Investigator

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Institute of Methods for Material Development

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Sneha Choudhury

PhD Student








Institute presentation

The Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin for Materials and Energy is a leading research centre operating several large scale facilities such as the synchrotron BESSY II in Berlin. The main focus of the Institute of Methods for Material Development is the development of new materials for renewable energy and catalysis.

HZB has developed spectroscopic methods to study systems in solution and at liquid interfaces using soft X-ray spectroscopies, such as X-ray absorption, emission, resonant inelastic scattering and photo-electron spectroscopy. The center also developed ultrafast spectroscopy methods to follow the dynamics of electronic processes in the femtosecond time scale in liquid.

HZB is leader of WP3, dedicated to the understanding of photo-excitation processes in liquid. HZB is responsible of the experimental measurements performed with a combination of spectroscopy methods using ultrafast laser and synchrotron radiation for characterization of diamond materials in liquids. In particular the following questions will be addressed:

  • How (sun)light modifies the electronic properties of diamond materials in water?
  • How electrons are emitted from diamond in water?
  • What is the energy of the solvated electrons emitted from diamond?

With the use of advanced spectroscopy methods, the design of next-generation of materials for the conversion of solar energy into fuels will be facilitated.

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