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Diamond Sensors Laboratory


Avenue de la Vauve
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Dr. Hugues Girard



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The Diamond Sensors Laboratory at CEA LIST counts 20 researchers and holds fifteen-years of expertise in diamond, from the material synthesis to the device fabrication. The team is one of the largest and best known groups in France in the field of diamond research, with a very broad range of topics of interest. The laboratory is equipped with 8 diamond growth systems enabling the preparation of diamond layers from 2 to 4 inches, B-doped or not, of varying thicknesses and crystalline qualities. Processes aiming at the control of nucleation, smoothness, transparency, uniformity, electrical and optical properties are devised and improved. The team has also developed a range of methods leading to diamond-based 3D materials, with interests for diamond coatings, MEMS, electrochemisty or sample preparation. The CEA-LIST team has also a unique in-situ system combining a microwave assisted CVD reactor connected to a surface analysis system in an attached UHV chamber (equipped with XPS, UPS, AUGER, LEED, AFM and STM). In parallel, the Diamond Sensors Lab at CEA LIST developed an extensive research experience on chemical modifications of nanodiamond surfaces from specific surface terminations obtained by plasma (hydrogenation) or thermal treatments (oxidation or surface graphitization) to more complex functionalization with chemical (PEG) or biological species such as PNA molecules. For instance, CEA LIST recently reported on a new method to provide nanodiamonds with a radioactive labeling through an innovative tritium plasma treatment, essential step for further bio-applications. Since 2010, the group gained worldwide expertise in hydrogenated nanodiamonds, from their production to their applications as nanocarriers or radiosensitizers.

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