Project Management

Project Management, Dissemination and Exploitation (WP6)

  • Work Package Leader

  • Objectives of the Work Package

    • Ensure overall project management in order to support the participants to achieve the objectives, complete the milestones in time and deliver the deliverables
    • Ensure that the consortium's contractual duties are carried outand help the participants to comply with EU regulations and their contractual and legal requirements
    • Abide by the "good practice" of resources management as presented in the Financial Guidelines
    • Set up and run an effective communication and dissemination infrastructure to foster the integrative process within the consortium


Description of the Work Package


ARTTIC and University of Würzburg will monitor the overall progress regarding milestones and deliverables. Whenever necessary, the management team will assist the Participants in achieving their goals.


ARTTIC will ensure the compliance of the project with the EU provisions (Grant Agreement and its annexes) and the Consortium Agreement. Participants will be trained on EU provisions whenever relevant.

The Project Office will serve as communication centre and permanent helpdesk for all participants. The web-based tool for project management, :milliarium, combines functionalities for central document sharing, progress monitoring, accounting and reporting in EU projects.


The organisation of professional, efficient project meetings will be also ensured. Each meeting will be planned carefully in accordance to the meeting’s objectives.


ARTTIC assumes responsibility for the collection and preparation of all cost reports from the participants, which will then be submitted to the European Commission by the Coordinator. Planning of subsequent expenditures will done as well.

The project management partner will coordinate all dissemination activities (i.e. website, social media activities, outreach publications) and will support the coordinator to organize the symposium in the final year. IOLITEC will participate in dissemination activities and develop an exploitation scheme.


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