Electrode optimization and reactor design (WP5)


Description of the Work Package


To realize a reactor for CO2 reduction working at overpressure, a reactor design will be done using finite element simulation software. Based on the assumed CO2 conversion, the possible extraction of fine chemicals will be calculated. IOLITEC and IAF will investigate ionic liquids with respect to CO2 accumulation (as function of pressure) and viscosities.

At IAF, all parts will be mounted in a labscale reactor for CO2 reduction. The design from will be used to fabricate a chemical reactor with computer controlled flow, pressure, power consumption and fine chemical production to ensure reproducibility and optimized reaction control.

The reactor performance will be optimized (IAF with partners) to maximize the visible light stimulated CO2 reduction chemistry. One important goal will be to tune the formation of ”fine chemicals” by variation of the spectral properties of illumination, of the light intensity and by variation of the CO2 admixture to the ionic liquids. In addition, the CO2 pressure will be investigated with respect to CO2 reduction efficiency with the goal of a full parameter set for optimized CO2 reduction.


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