Photocatalytic activity (WP4)

  • Work Package Leader

  • Objectives of the Work Package

    • Measurement of activity of diamond photocatalysts
    • Measurement of activity response in differing media 
    • Detailed characterisation of optimum electrode/liquid media catalysts system


Description of the Work Package


The overall aim of WP4 will be to establish the photocatalytic characteristics of the differing diamond electrode materials and liquid media, and establish the optimum performance levels achievable.

Two differing diamond material configurations will be employed:

a) cathode stacks comprising diamond membranes or

b) coatings of diamond nanoparticles.


The latter will also be used as homogeneous particle suspensions. Reactors containing these diamond photocatalyst configurations will be operated in batch mode using appropriate photon sources as indicated from WP3. The chemical products formed and the associated reaction rates will be identified by GC-MS.

UOX and UWUERZ will then extend this work using differing liquid media. Long term stability testing will also be carried out to identify which of the diamond interfaces/liquid media combinations studied possess the best stability. Modelling studies by UU will help direct the experimental interpretation.

The optimum diamond material/liquid media combinations will be subject to detailed characterisation by UOX and HZB, using materials provided by UWUERZ, IAF, CEA and IOLITEC. The aim is to achieve the best performance levels, reaction pathways and how the response varies with reaction conditions, as feedback to IAF for WP5.


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