Generating electrode materials (WP1)

  • Work Package Leader

  • Objectives of the Work Package

    • Production of suitable, high surface diamond films with optimized electron emission properties
    • Production of diamond membranes with nanopores with optimized electron emission properties
    • Production of nanodiamond particles with functional surface for photocatalysis in dispersion    


Description of the Work Package


This workpackage is the starting point of the whole project as is furnishes the consortium with the materials that will be functionalized in W2, investigated in WP3 and WP4 and applied in WP5.

Fabrication of diamond films

For the study of the photoexcitation process high quality diamond films will be needed. These will be produced with (and without) boron doping and with different crystallic structures. The effect of these modifications will be investigated in the further WPs. In addition we will try to use nanowires and porous structures made of diamond to further enhance the surface and thereby the catalytic activity.

Fabrication of diamond nano-textured/porous electrode

We will grow porous diamond membranes where the pore size will be optimized to ensure a good permeability for the liquids used as solvents in the catalytic process. Also here, the diamond quality will be optimized by doping with boron and by different surface terminations. The latter is important for the fine tuning of the electronic structure of the material and has a direct influence on the photocatalytic process.

Fabrication of diamond nanoparticles

Both doped and undoped diamond nanoparticle suitable for photocatalysis will be produced starting from larger diamond crystals and characterized for their applkicability in the photocatalytic process. Methods for the dispersion of nanodiamond in the required solvents will be developed while optimizing their size and surface.



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