MS no. Milestone title Related WP(s) Lead beneficiary Due date Means of verification
MS1 :milliarium database filled with project data 6 8 – GABO:mi 01 All Participants have access to :milliarium
MS2 Optimum diamond material and liquid media for photocatalytic reduction for development in WP5 1,2,4 1 – UWUERZ 27 Material delivered to WP5
MS3 Definition of electrolyte for maximum CO2 incorporation 4 4 – UOXF 24 IR spectoscopy
MS4 Definition of optimal material/surface termination and light source for solvated electron emission in solution. 1,2,3 1 – UWUERZ 36 Quantum efficiency of emission
MS5 Demonstrator of reactor for CO2 conversion using visible light 5 3 – Fraunhofer 48 Detection of products stemming from CO2

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