Why is DIACAT a FET-Open Project?

This type of project develops radically new ideas for urgent scientific problems with a great potential impact not only in science but also for society as a whole.  


What is the vision of the project?

The vision is to make chemicals and fuels from CO2 in water or other green solvents using sunlight. This will be achieved by the use of innovative diamond materials. The whole process can be seen as a man-made alternative for the photosynthesis. This is the process with which nature reintroduces carbon dioxide into the biochemical cycle using the same ingredients – only the photocatalytic system is different!




Why is DIACAT relevant for the European community?

If successful, the outcome of this project will help to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and to reuse it in the production of valuable chemical and fuels. This will help to fight global warming and enables a more sustainable supply for chemicals and fuels.  


What is the innovativeness of the project?

So far, only few processes have been developed for the revalorization of carbon dioxide. Most of them do not operate fully sustainably. Here, the DIACAT approach will open a whole new line of research that will lead us to new ways for the removal and recycling of CO2.



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